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Being an expert or simply an experienced specialist in your industry, you have the opportunity to train people who are just getting to know your field.

IT Experts

IT Experts

Sales Expert

Sales Experts

MLM trainer

MLM Leadres

Photography expert

Graphic Designers and Photographers

Modern Design

Every online course platform is designed individually to ensure the best possible fit for your needs.

Regardless of the chosen package, we will highlight the key distinguishing features of your course against the competition. The entire platform will be wrapped in an attractive graphic design, and we will take care of every detail.

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Project Management

Our online course platforms and on-site courses are not just showcases for trainers and specialists in their field. They are, above all, tools for effective sales.

Mateusz Petkiewicz - programmer

„Graphic design is the packaging of our product. The real challenge is to create valuable content and generate course sales at the appropriate level.”.

My process

The process of implementing a sales platform requires the right approach and the right people. Coordination of work at subsequent stages is based on experience from previous projects.

Thanks to our developed method, we can easily solve your problem of lacking a unified tool for selling your courses — both online and on-site.

Platform - Training and Courses

Mobile First

Responsive course platform.

All our platforms are adapted for mobile devices. Thanks to this, you and your students will be able to comfortably use the functions of the panel, as well as the materials.

Access from all devices

Check payments, registrations, and user questions on a tablet, smartphone, or even on a SmartTV, if that's more convenient for you. We are aware that you don’t always conduct business from the office. It's about being able to manage it even when you're in the Seychelles.

Mobile First - A Course Platform Adapted for Mobile Devices

External services integration

Payment systems

Automate payments and don't worry about manually distributing courses. Our platform offers integration with the best electronic payment system in Poland.


Conduct webinars for up to 5000 students. Your clients will automatically receive access to subsequent webinars.


Send out mass notifications, newsletters, promotions, and information about new courses.


Having a chat integrated into your website, you can support your potential customers at every stage of their shopping experience.


Secure Vimeo hosting with no option to download the video to a disk and with the possibility to hide Vimeo logo.

SSL Certificate

A certificate offering a secure connection between the student's computer and the platform. This is especially important in the case of online payments.

Dioma LMS

Your command center, from which you can add more courses, packages, materials, or check recent payments, among other things.


A data center equipped with modern services offering stable operation and connection with the platform during promotions and conducting training sessions.

Dioma LMS Administrative Panel

You can use our platform to create many different courses.

Live courses based on webinars

You can set a course schedule in advance and make this list available to users who have signed up for the course and paid. At the scheduled times, such webinars will be active after a given student logs in. Of course, such webinars can be recorded and, for latecomers, the course recording can be made available temporarily or permanently.

1:1 Consultations

For selected packages, you can create individual consultations - via phone, Skype, ClickMeeting or any other form.

Video Courses

Record course materials in a home or professional studio, and then use the platform for selling and managing the course.

Onsite Courses

Some things cannot be taught over the internet. By organizing onsite courses, you also have the opportunity to use our platform. Set the schedule, date, and start selling the course!

Webinars with ClickMeeting

Webinars are one of the ways to reach a mass audience with a live course. A well-prepared and promoted webinar attracts crowds of listeners. Webinars are also a tool for promoting onsite courses or those in the form of video recordings. A webinar gathering hundreds of viewers can also effectively promote exclusive 1:1 consultations.

You can read a broader description of using webinars in our article about webinars for business.

Storing Recordings on Vimeo

To properly secure video courses, we recommend placing them on the paid version of the Vimeo platform. The monthly cost is not high, but thanks to Vimeo, we can adequately secure recordings against downloading. However, no platform guarantees 100% security. Vimeo is still a much better option than YouTube, where it's enough to copy a video link to share it with friends. Paid video hosting also allows removing the logo and some control buttons from the player.

Vimeo also has the option of limiting video display only to your domain. This way, even if someone gets the link to the video, they won't be able to share it further.

Creating Landing Pages

By creating so-called Landing Pages for your course and each webinar, license, product during campaigns and pre-campaigns, you can easily collect email addresses and monitor the effectiveness of landing page content. Landing Pages in A/B models allow for testing and choosing the best content that contributes to acquiring the most students.

Online Payments

Stripe, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal

Thanks to the integrated Stripe payment system, you have access to many methods of receiving payment for your courses. From electronic transfers directly from the bank, through card payments to international PayPal transactions. The security of these payments is ensured by an SSL certificate and properly configured server.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics will help you monitor visits to your course page and the sources of traffic for your course's website. It's a powerful tool and it's worth spending a few hours mastering useful functions to get the most out of the data collected.

User List

With course participants, we've gone through various scenarios. In the administrative panel, you can easily search for a user, activate their account, send an email, check the list of recent payments, and access to individual courses.

Adaptation to Multiple Languages and Cultures

It doesn't matter if you conduct courses in English, Italian, or Hebrew. The platform is adapted to even the most exotic languages. If you want to provide translations of your courses, nothing stands in your way. Every module of the system can additionally be translated into any language. If you don't have a translator, we will help you find one.

Translating the website is not everything. In many cases, knowledge of cultures and rules of conducting business in other countries also comes in handy. When implementing translations and localization, we keep in mind specific cultural differences and guidelines for designing websites for a particular country or region.

Additional Features and Services

You don't have to use all the additional paid services. However, we recommend at least using a mailing platform and a payment gateway to fully automate the sales of your courses.

Functions and services  
Domain 0 zł / 1 year
Serwer Seohost 0 zł / 1 rok
SSL certificate Free
Stripe / Paypal ~2% of transaction
Mailing GetResponse, MailerLite free or from 15$ / month
Webinary Click Meeting from 20$ / month
Live chat Smartsupp 1 agent for free
Protected video hosting od 15$ / month
Dioma LMS admin panel
Multi language module
Courses and 1:1 lessons
Local, from-stage courses
Course price packaging
Students management
Google Analytics statistics
Facebook Pixel

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