Who are we?

Dioma.pl was created from passion for creating and designing. Our task and main goal is to deliver best quality solutions from fields like: webdesign, graphic design, corporate identity, prints and product photography.

Mantra instead of mission

Most of companies try to impress their clients with ambitious missions. In Dioma we decided not to make any mission. instead of that we have a mantra which is "Creative projects" so it's also our promise for you.

Not only creative projects

Underneath creative layer there is also functionality. Most of our projects needs intuitive solutions, good navigation, properly build system, newest technologies and optimization. That's why we try to deliver complete products to our clients and help them with their success.


Our team can't afford making numerous projects in mass quantity. We design our products with special care of details so every single part is consistent with rest of project. That's why our clients return to us and we work for them again. It's also because of our constant progress and acquisition of knowledge.